4x4 Fitment and Maintenance

Our workshop and fitment centre is located in Centurion. Here we do maintenance and mechanical upgrades to all makes of 4×4’s. Does your regular workshop do preventative and extra maintenance on your overlanding and off road vehicle? Vehicles that ride long distances, on dirt roads and challenging terrain need extra care. That is the extra service we offer at Revhouse. We go the extra mile for your 4×4 so your 4×4 can take you the extra mile.


Terrain Tamer parts

Terrain Tamer is an Australian company that has been developing rugged, high spec parts for the tough conditions in the Australian Outback for the past 50 years. They manufacture a wide range of parts for most makes of 4×4 vehicles. Terrain Tamer Parts are original equipment specification or higher, so you can install Terrain Tamer parts on your vehicle and know that it’s great quality. 

If you’re looking for specialised 4×4 or bakkie spares that can take you through anything, call us. Whether you do overlanding or weekend 4×4’ing. We supply and install specialised 4×4 parts. 

Have a look at the install we did recently for ROAM overlanding in the following video. As an overlander he understands the importance of preventative maintenance on his vehicle. Installing a catch can and prefilter on your diesel vehicle is a way to prevent dirt from getting into the engine. This helps with the longevity of your engine, turbo, diesel injectors and engine block.  

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